Ship Salvage, Harbor Clearance and Wreck Removal often times require extensive underwater cutting. The danger of these operations dictates the need for proper cutting devices that incorporate state of the art equipment and tried and proven underwater cutting techniques. Many major tasks of the Salvor is the re-floating of stranded vessels and the clearance of navigable harbor areas or wrecks and grounded ships. Most often those require the use of underwater cutting equipment.

Utilizing exothermic cutting technology the UCU manages both surface and supplied power and oxygen for underwater cutting operations. Effective at depths to 300 feet the UCU is one of the most effective surface supplied sustained cutting operational tools in the US Navy inventory. Supplied with 100 feet of working hose and power cable the UCU can also be supplied with additional custom hose/cable lengths to meet the diver's requirements. The UCU will operate equally well with either exothermic cutting rods or cable. Exothermic cutting cable is available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm diameters. The cable is manufactured exclusively for Special Projects Operations, Inc. Innovative Technologies.

  • Standard equipment for US Navy
  • Greater cutting efficiency using Kerie cable
  • Less oxygen use than comparable units
  • Faster cutting in critical situations


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