Originally developed in collaboration with, and to satisfy the unique requirements of, the First Responder and Military Special Operations communities, the Single Bottle HYBRID System is a low profile, extended duration, hybrid respiratory protection system. The Single Bottle HYBRID System is the lightest, most compact, sustained respiratory protection system currently available. It was designed to be compatible with required Personal Protective Equipment, including Level A over-garments. The Single Bottle HYBRID System is entirely modular and can be easily adapted to support Tactical-Hazmat, Hazmat-Rescue, USAR and military Special Operations missions in any of four modules of operation – SCBA, PAPR, APR or SAR. 

  • Single Bottle SCBA two filter hybrid system
  • 1-HP Cylinder (21 CU FT)
  • PAPR and filter chase are connected to bottle
  • Can be used in SCBA, PAPR, APR, or SAR modes
  • 597 liters (21 cu ft.) of air storage at 4500 PSI
  • 15 minutes of air duration at 40 LPM on SCBA
  • PAPR delivers 185 LPM of filtered air for 4 hours
  • First breath activated, positive pressure regulator that delivers 550 LPM of air
  • Stand-alone carrier
  • Molle, shoulder strap, and backpack strap capable
  • High pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) blow out protection
  • CBRN hardened
  • Low pressure alarm (audible, or visual)
  • Attaches to 40 mm NATO threaded positive pressure mask
  • Decontamination filter and fitting included
  • 6ft charging whip with both male and female FD-17 QD’S 


Weight Weight: 15 Lbs. 6.8 Kg (with air and filters)
Dimensions L23” x W9” x D5”
Capacity 1791 L @ 4500 psi: 15 min Avg. 310 Bar

4 hrs PAPR (1 Battery Pack)


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