The ELABS is a low profile, long duration, respiratory protection system suitable for both combat and confined-space hazardous environment operations. The system is adaptable to almost any APR or SCBA face piece, and it will work seamlessly with almost any other required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including Level A overgarments.

The ELABS is entirely modular, it is easily adapted to operate for Tactical-Hazmat, Hazmat-Rescue, USAR, and Military Special Operations. Originally developed for the Air Force Pararescue community, The ELABS is the lightest and most compact SCBA system commercially available. Patent Pending.

  • 40mm APR SCBA universal Interface
  • 550 Lpm SCBA Regulator
  • Low Pressure Alarm Options: Audio, Visual and / or Vibration
  • LP Outlet Port
  • Operator Training Package
  • Includes Male/Female Recharge Fitting
  • CBRNE Hardened
  • Armor Integration Capable
  • Includes Decon Filter and Fitting
  • Front or Rear Mounting
  • Full Warranty
  • No Charge Hydrostatic Testing (every 5 years)
Weight 23 Lbs
Dimensions L21” x W12” x D4”
Capacity 1791 L @ 4500 psi (45 min Avg.)


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